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What to Expect

We understand that doing an onsite appraisal may be an inconvenience. This section is designed to help with any anxiety and let you know what to expect.

When we come to your home at the appointed time we will introduce ourselves and give you a business card. We come with many items including a scale, flashlight, camera, measuring and writing implements, so we come with a rolling case. Once we have set up our equipment we may ask you a few questions and ask you exactly which items you would like to have appraised.

Some of the questions we may ask are:

  • Do you have any receipts or paperwork for any of the items?
  • When did you buy the items?
  • How much was paid for the items?
  • If this is a report for equitable distribution during a divorce can you identify items that are community and non-community property?

We will then go room by room and make notes on each item to be included in the report. These notes include such information as age, maker, condition, style, measurement where applicable, and possibly a first impression value. Some items may be grouped together and photographs will be taken. If a value is listed it is a first impression and is only an estimate. The value will be listed in the final report.

After the onsite visit is done our appraiser will then go back to the office and type the notes, research the items, determine the accurate value and produce the report.

We will call and make a second appointment with you to drop off the report and discuss it with you, or we can mail it, at your request.

Your report will include the following:

  • Cover Letter
  • Complete and Accurate Description of the Property
  • Limitations and Qualifying Conditions
  • Statement of the Appraiser’s Financial Disinterest
  • Appraiser’s Qualifications
  • Date of Inspection
  • Effective Date of Value

These things are required by the International Society of Appraisers and USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice). All reports we complete conform to these standards.

When we are conducting dissolution of marriage appraisals we request that only one party be present. If both parties must be present we require that the representing attorneys also be present or special arrangements known to Claycomb Appraisals and Estate Services be made in advance.

When I needed help with my father's estate, Claycomb Appraisals was courteous, quick, and understanding.
- Paula C.

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