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Preparing for an Appraisal

Onsite appraisals of antiques or residential contents are usually done to appraise multiple items. The average onsite appraisal of an entire home’s contents or collections generally takes 3-4 hours for the onsite evaluation and typically an equal amount of hours off site for research and report development. This is an estimate only. The time spent on site is dependent on multiple factors (please see "What to Expect")

You can help the appraiser by having all the items easily accessible. This means that items should be taken out of boxes, or displayed in open areas. Another way to speed along the process is to have all like sets together. This is especially helpful for china and flatware. Make any receipts easily available for the appraiser to view. It is also very helpful to know the following information:

  • How much did a specific item cost? Exact numbers are not always necessary. Estimates are acceptable.
  • Where did you buy an item? This allows the appraiser to view retailer’s catalogues and get all relevant information of the piece.
  • When did you buy an item? This will speed along the appraisal process by allowing the appraiser to narrow her search for relevant information. 
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